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Glomerular Bullets in Lupus

Mohan, Chandra, MD

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

Renal disease is a leading cause of death in lupus, and anti-glomerular and anti-DNA antibodies are largely responsible for the renal damage seen. Dr. Mohan and his group have verified that when anti-DNA/glomerular antibodies are administered to healthy mice, these antibodies target the renal glomeruli and inflict disease. 

With the Pilot grant, the researchers will take advantage of this unique specificity to target therapeutic agents to the kidneys in lupus. Specifically, they will adorn steroid-containing liposomes with antiglomerular antibodies and inject them into mice with lupus nephritis.  

What this means for people with lupus: By targeting the therapeutic agent to the glomeruli using these “glomerular bullets,” Dr. Mohan and his team hope to identify a treatment that provides a greater benefit than currently available treatments with fewer side effects. Once the treatment is shown effective in mice, it may move onto human clinical trials. 

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