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Lupus Insight Prize


Lupus Insight Prize


Prize Objectives

The primary objective of the Lupus Insight Prize is to identify and recognize an outstanding investigator with a documented record of creativity and innovation who has made a novel research discovery in scientific domains relevant to lupus. The Prize is not a lifetime achievement award. Rather, the Lupus Insight Prize is given for a specific, significant, and recent (within the past five years) discovery relevant to lupus.

In addition to recognizing a specific insight or discovery, the Prize also aims to direct the talents of the Prize recipient toward further high impact research achievement and testing of the insight in lupus. This should shift the current paradigms and significantly advance the understanding or treatment of lupus. Secondary objectives of the Prize are to: (1) raise the visibility of lupus as a significant medical condition among the general public and (2) demonstrate the determination of the LRA to surmount the challenges of this complex and debilitating disease through the support of research.

Please see the 2025 Request for Nominations.

Past Lupus Insight Prize Recipients








2023 Lupus Insight Prize Recipient
The Francis Crick Institute


Akiko Iwasaki, PhD

2022 Lupus Insight Prize Recipient

Yale University










2021 Lupus Insight Prize Recipient

University of Münster




2020 Lupus Insight Prize Recipient

Hospital for Special Surgery


2019 Lupus Insight Prize Recipient

Emory University School of Medicine

Identification of new B cell pathways




2018 Lupus Insight Prize Recipient

The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Neuropsychiatric Lupus: from underlying causes to therapeutic approaches


2017 Lupus Insight Prize Recipient

Weill Cornell Medicine

Human Lupus from Bench to Bedside


2013 Lupus Insight Prize Recipient

University of Pittsburgh

Recent Advances in Autoimmune Diseases: Focus on Lupus

Mark J. Shlomchik- Lupus Insight Prize 2013 Winner Announcement – Press Release

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