Advocate for Lupus Throughout the Year

This August, Advocate Locally

The Lupus Research Alliance focuses our advocacy efforts on gaining support from members of Congress to increase funding for lupus research. Every year, we visit Washington, DC to meet with representatives and senators to educate them on what lupus is and why research is so important for the people they represent.

But DC is not the only place advocacy happens. You can build a relationship with your legislators throughout the year through emails, phone calls and meetings. When Congress recesses, your representatives and senators go back home to work in their state and local offices -- that's a good time to meet with them.

Your legislators are in their home offices this August. We are urging our lupus community to set up meetings in their local offices. Legislators have many groups and constituents asking them to support different causes and may not know much about lupus. You can educate them about the disease and why investing in science is the only way to deliver better treatments and a cure. By building a relationship with your legislators, you have a much better chance of convincing them to support more funding for lupus research.

In our Advocate for Lupus Locally section, we’ll take you through each step of how to meet with your legislators and start fostering a relationship, so funding lupus research will be a priority for them.

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