The Lupus Research Alliance is ready to conquer lupus. Breakthroughs in research have unlocked the potential to turn the very complexity of lupus — its heterogeneity — into the cure.

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Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects millions worldwide in millions of different ways. The Lupus Research Alliance is proud to have helped support some of the early research on the first new medicine approved specifically for lupus — and many promising drugs in development. Today, our advancements usher in a new era — one of precision medicine — meaning the cure for lupus is now personal. You are unique. Your disease is unique. Your treatment is unique. And your cure must be unique.

The answers lie within you, and we need your support to continue our research in personalized medicine. The Lupus Research Alliance is the world’s largest nongovernment funder of lupus research, with 100% of donations going to research programs because our Board of Directors funds all administrative and fundraising costs. With your help, together we will find the cure.


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Lupus doesn’t stand a chance when the millions who battle it come together to help turn complexity into the cure. We ask you to join us, to be part of vital clinical trials. Be part of our game-changing research. Be part of a growing community. Together, we can be the revolution that will finally cure lupus.