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Research We Fund

Our comprehensive grant program attracts top scientific talent to the field and provides opportunities for researchers to pursue novel ideas as well as to advance proven approaches that improve treatment.

In addition to funding lupus research, the Lupus Research Alliance recognizes, through the Lupus Insight Prize, critical discoveries in an area of research that is applicable to the pathogenesis or treatment of lupus. These key findings, or insights, have a high likelihood of generating further significant advances by applying the insight to lupus.

Distinguished Innovator Award (DIA)

The Distinguished Innovator Award (DIA) ($1 million over four years) provides outstanding scientists with substantial support to conduct novel research into the fundamental causes of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

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Lupus Mechanisms and Targets Award (LMTA)

The Lupus Mechanisms and Targets Award (LMTA) ($600,000 for three years) supports research focused on the identification and/or investigation of molecular pathways or targets that could lead to new or improved therapies for people with lupus.

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Lupus Innovation Award (LIA)

The Lupus Innovation Award (LIA) ($300,000 for two years) provides early-stage support for highly innovative approaches to major challenges in lupus research.

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LRA-BMS Accelerator Award (BMS)

The Lupus Research Alliance (LRA)-Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) Accelerator Award ($300,000 for two years) is a collaborative project with BMS supporting research on understanding human lupus heterogeneity and identifying novel biomarkers.

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Common Mechanisms in Autoimmunity

The Common Mechanisms in Autoimmunity grants ($500,000 for two years or $225,000 for one year) support innovative research exploring commonalities and differences of immune pathways that govern multiple autoimmune diseases.
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