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Complexity to Cure

Lupus is debilitating. It also affects each person differently. Which, for doctors and researchers, makes the disease very challenging. Lupus is one of the more complex autoimmune diseases known to science. And for years, the world’s best minds have worked tirelessly to find a cure.

But today, we’re going to turn the tables on lupus. The Lupus Research Alliance is going to take the very thing that infuriates us about the disease and make it the one thing that becomes its cure. Decades of pioneering research has brought us to this moment. We’ve advanced science to the point that will allow us to look at each patient as a single case, to study their individual immune system and analyze the complexities of the disease as it exists within them. In the future, this will allow us to better treat that patient with precision medicine — giving the right treatment for the right person. The root of the problem has become the pathway to the cure.

It’s a revolutionary approach. And with your help, a reality.

Instead of researchers striving for one cure for the millions of people living with lupus, we’re changing the narrative. It’s now the millions of people living with lupus who can help us find a cure for each of them. But we need each of you. You have our commitment. We need yours.

A new era of treating and, ultimately, curing lupus is upon us. Together, all of us can work toward a cure. Each of us can unite with the goal to turn complexity to cure and turn the lives around of millions of people living with this debilitating disease. Each of us has that power in our own way. The science is ready. The researchers are ready. Are you?

Together, ManyOne Can make a difference!