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Take It To The Hill with LRA to Advocate for Lupus Research

Why lupus research needs your voice

Your voice can make a difference as we ask for increased lupus research funding and steps to diversify participation in clinical trials during drug development. Advocates will meet virtually with legislators and their staff to educate Congress about lupus and advocate for critical research priorities!

On Monday, March 18 and throughout the week, we join together online to Take It To The Hill for Lupus Research.  This year we are again advocating members of Congress to support increased funding for lupus research at the National Institutes of Health and funding for the Lupus Research Program under the Department of Defense, and to support the new lupus partnership convened by the LRA – the Lupus Accelerating Breakthroughs Consortium (Lupus ABC)!

We thank the PA Fund for continuing to support advocacy initiatives at the LRA by sponsoring Take It To The Hill 2024.

Take action and make your voice heard today! Use the automated tools of our Legislative Action Center below to email and tweet (the two forms of communications legislators prefer) to your Representative and Senator.

Knowledge is power; learn more here.