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Tell Congress to Budget More for Lupus Research & Ensure Diversity in Clinical Studies

Join the Lupus Research Alliance and advocates across the country to tell Congress why more funding for lupus research is so important! We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again – when Congress “hears” your voices by phone and email.  

Please use the automated tools below to tell legislators what lupus research means to their constituents with lupus.  

Join us in asking Congress to: 

  • Provide $15 million for the Lupus Research Program operated under the Defense Health Program to fund more promising research projects that can deliver new treatment options for this devastating disease.
  • Increase funding to the National Institutes of Health to at least $49 billion to fund research to fight diseases including lupus and catch up on previous lowered funding. 
  • Cosponsor The DIVERSE Trials Act to increase diversity in clinical trials and make it easier for all people with lupus to participate by reducing barriers to enrollment. 

We also ask all Members of the House to join the Congressional Lupus Caucus if they have not already.  

Our advocates have gotten the job done in years past, but lupus needs to be top of mind once again while budgets for the next Fiscal Year are on the table! Every Senator and every Representative must hear from their constituents directly why they must care about this important health issue. 

It’s easy to make your voice heard by email or phone!  Spend the next 10 minutes using these automated tools to reach out to your senators and representatives via:

And ask everyone you can think of to do it too – numbers are very important, and the more voices Congress hears from, the more they will care. The more they care, the more they will Act! And the more lupus research will make more breakthroughs!

Knowledge is power; learn more here.