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Lupus Research Alliance Takes it to the Hill

Ask Congress to Budget More for Lupus Research & Ensure Diversity in Clinical Studies

In March of 2023, we Took it to the Hill to request more funding for lupus research and support for greater diversity in research representation which you can amplify. Reinforce our requests by asking to meet with your legislator when they are in their home district this August, 2023. If you would like information on setting up a meeting with your Representative, please email advocacy@lupusresearch.org.

Below are our specific requests for Fiscal Year 2024:

  • Provide $15 million for the Lupus Research Program operated under the Defense Health Program to fund more promising research projects.
  • Increase funding for the National Institutes of Health to at least $51 billion that funds research to fight diseases including lupus and catch up on previous lowered funding.
  • Co-sponsor The DIVERSE Trials Act when reintroduced to increase diversity in clinical trials and make it easier for all people with lupus to participate.


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