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Action Center

Our Legislative Action Center is a place where the lupus community unites to advocate for issues that are particularly important for people with lupus.

Advocacy at the Lupus Research Alliance focuses on securing funding to advance lupus research that will lead to better treatments as well as eliminating racial disparities in healthcare. This year's 15th Annual Advocate for Lupus Research Day, Tuesday, March 19, 2019, we came together - in person, and online to advocate for more funding for lupus research through budget allocations to the National Institutes of Health and the Lupus Research Program at the Department of Defense.

Our requests were approved by the House of Representatives and will be considered by the Appropriations Committee of the Senate. We'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile we are urging our lupus community to keep building a relationship with legislators throughout the year so when specific bills that could benefit people with lupus need their support, they are already on our side. This August, when members of Congress leave Washington, you can meet with them in their local office. Click here to learn how.

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