Just a few months ago, lupus remained a relatively unknown disorder outside of the community living with the disease and those dedicated to treating it. Now, however, a pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus has also raised a broader need to understand a hyper-responsive immune system – a question the Lupus Research Alliance exists to answer. In the midst of COVID-19, so much can be learned, not only from our research, but from those living with lupus and their loved ones.

We typically spend every Lupus Awareness Month educating the public about lupus. But this year, we turned the tables to launch a new campaign called Learn from Lupus to share what the lupus community, the researchers, and the LRA can teach the rest of the world in this COVID-19 reality and beyond.

A Message from Kenneth M. Farber, President & CEO

Dear Friends,

The past six weeks have been extraordinarily difficult for everyone worldwide, but especially for people with lupus who faced hydroxychloroquine shortages while coping with increased risk for COVID-19.

Yet, there is real reason for hope even as we begin a Lupus Awareness Month amid a pandemic. As the world struggles to defeat the coronavirus, there is much that can be learned from the lupus community – people already living with a disease that requires extra safeguards against infection. We can also learn a lot from researchers already focusing on why the immune system malfunctions, and rheumatologists who battle the over-zealous immune response that characterizes autoimmune diseases like lupus.

To bring those lessons to the fore where lupus and COVID-19 intersect, we are launching a new campaign called Learn From Lupus. Around this theme, the Month will feature many opportunities for education, research updates and heightened lupus awareness including:

  • Weekly video series, Mini-Classes with Shayla Shorter, Ph.D., LRA’s Scientific Program Manager. Shayla obtained her doctorate in immunology from Emory University.
  • Success Strategies the public can learn that people with lupus use to stay healthy.
  • Virtual Brunch with Brenda on World Lupus Day / Mother’s Day, May 10. Brenda is a broadcast journalist and dedicated member of the LRA Board.
  • Lupus and COVID-19: What You Should Know, Part 2 webcast.

Unlike any before and hopefully any after, Lupus Awareness Month 2020 will make history. Let’s use it as an unparalleled moment to celebrate the power of science, show your strength, and impart the many lessons you can share. As this inspiring video eloquently voices, when we come together with the full force of the lupus community, we can “not just survive, but thrive.”

Warmest Wishes for Your Health and Safety,

Kenneth M. Farber
President & CEO
Lupus Research Alliance

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Click here to begin learning from lupus.

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