New York Jets Go on the Offense to Tackle Lupus at 2023 Season Kickoff Luncheon
New York Jets Go on the Offense to Tackle Lupus at 2023 Season Kickoff Luncheon

August 31, 2023

The Lupus Research Alliance (LRA) is proud and grateful to have helped launch the upcoming football season at the New York Jets Annual Kickoff Luncheon. In addition to introducing super-star Aaron Rodgers and the 2023 team roster, the event spotlighted the worthwhile causes supported by the New York Jets including lupus research. With the backing of 500 passionate fans in attendance, the luncheon raised over $850,000 to benefit the LRA and the New York Jets Foundation.

Jets Chairman Robert Wood Johnson commented, “The Jets Foundation has long been a supporter of LRA. We share its commitment to make a difference in the lives of people with lupus and every year congratulate the organization on the great strides they have made to achieving the ultimate touchdown – a cure for this devasting disease.”

“The winning spirit exhibited here today and throughout the year by the New York Jets, our Board of Directors, our corporate sponsors and the lupus community’s commitment is driving us to victory against a formidable opponent,” commented Albert T. Roy, President and CEO of the Lupus Research Alliance. “With all these contributors cheering us on, we have the resources to recruit the most talented researchers to join our fight. And by investing in the most promising research, we are delivering discoveries leading to new treatments and insights advancing to a cure.”

The luncheon included a presentation of the Game Ball Award to this year’s honoree — New Jersey’s Atlantic Health System – selected for its 17-year role as “Official Health Care Partner of the NY Jets.”  Before presenting the Award, Roy led the audience in applauding lupus warrior Carolyn Brown Dancy for having been the one to enlist her employer Atlantic Health System in becoming a corporate sponsor of our grassroots fundraising Walk with Us to Cure Lupus program.  Roy pointed out that as a result of Carolyn’s call for help, Atlantic Health System has continued to sponsor the Walk in New Jersey every year, giving nearly $600,000 to LRA’s lupus research program.

Accepting the 2023 award on behalf of Atlantic Health, Executive Vice President, Chief Business & Strategy Officer Kevin Lenahan expressed his professional and personal commitment to the lupus community.

“I have seen the devastation of lupus up close.  My wife has lived with lupus for the past 25 years, and every day I see its impact on her,” commented Lenahan. But he counts her as one of the lucky ones unlike many who are suffering without a diagnosis or without access to adequate care.  “What can we do?” he asked. “We can support organizations like the Lupus Research Alliance, which is investing in research, not only working for a cure but for new therapies that make life more livable, more affordable and more enjoyable.”

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