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Become a Voice in How Treatments are Discovered

We live in a new era of lupus research. Researchers are unlocking new science that gives us the potential to find more personalized treatments and cures. And, researchers are studying dozens of new treatment options for lupus right now. 

But even the finest scientists can’t do it alone. Your participation, your feedback, and your experience will help better inform how researchers conduct clinical trials and ensure that potential treatments are tested among the full diversity of the lupus community. The answers lie within you. 

There are many ways you can support the drug development process from participating in patient advisory boards, focus groups, and materials review to educating others about clinical research, and participating in a clinical trial.

The more people that become involved in research, the faster we’ll make much-needed progress. This is the science of us, a diverse and vibrant community, and the voices of those living with lupus need to be front and center in research.

To me, the benefit is the audacity of hope. You have to hold onto hope for a cure. Even if you don’t personally get there, eventually someone you know – maybe even your grandchild -- or even someone you don’t, will need a cure, and you will have been a part of that.

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