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Giving back to the Lupus Research Alliance through fundraising donations can be an easy and empowering way to contribute to the lupus community. 100% of your donation goes to support lupus research programs because the Lupus Research Alliance Board of Directors funds all administrative and fundraising expenses.

One great way to raise funds is to join our national Walk with Us to Cure Lupus program, form your team, and begin fundraising here.

You can also get involved by creating your own fundraising event or supporting our many events throughout the year.

I’ve been involved with the LRA since 2018 after losing my sister. It quickly became a goal in my life to promote lupus awareness and provide support to individuals and families living with this disease. I can sit here and talk about lupus, but in the end, if I am not doing my part and participating by raising funds, the disease wins, and we cannot allow that.

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Together, ManyOne Can make a difference!
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Together, ManyOne Can make a difference!