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Become a Powerful Advocate for Lupus Research

When our community joins together and speaks up, our elected officials listen.

Thanks to our advocates requesting support from Congress in 2022, funding bills were enacted in 2023 that will help to drive lupus research forward. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has been allocated $47.5 billion, an increase of $2.5 billion above the 2022 level, to medical research and an additional $10 million was allocated for the specific Lupus Research Program within the Department of Defense. Our community made a difference and Federal Government funding for lupus research has never been stronger. Since the Lupus Research Program began six years ago, $55 million has been allocated and 73 grants have been awarded.

Every March, we go back to the Hill as one community to advocate for continued funding for lupus research. We also provide tools that can be used by our advocates throughout the year through grassroots outreach to government officials.

The only way I’m able to fight this horrific illness is by advocating and letting my voice be heard. I pray that the more research done the more lives we can change by finding a cure. I believe that all of us gathering together to fight shows our government that we are a united front.

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Together, ManyOne Can make a difference!
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