Join LRA March 11 to Learn What’s New in Lupus Nephritis
Join LRA March 11 to Learn What’s New in Lupus Nephritis

What’s New in Lupus Nephritis? A Research & Treatment Update
A Learn from Lupus Webcast

Lupus nephritis is a common and dangerous complication of lupus marked by inflammation that can lead to damage and possible failure of the kidney. While up to half of people with lupus develop lupus nephritis, a new survey by the Lupus Research Alliance found that 1 out of 2 people diagnosed with it do not know that means they have lupus. The need for education is clear.

On World Kidney Day, March 11, at 6:00 PM EST, join the LRA for the premiere of our educational webcast to learn more about this condition, what’s new, and what’s on the horizon. Tune in here or on our Youtube Channel.


Albert Roy
Executive Director
Lupus Therapeutics, affiliate of Lupus Research Alliance

My Lupus Nephritis Story – From Diagnosis to Kidney Transplant and Beyond
Alison Lee
Lupus Warrior and LRA Advocate
Member of LRA’s Young Leaders Board

What is Lupus Nephritis – What to Watch For, How is it Diagnosed, Monitored & Treated?
Fotios Koumpouras, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Yale Rheumatology, Allergy & Immunology
Director of Education and Training Rheumatology
Director Yale Lupus Program

What’s New in Lupus Nephritis Treatment and Future Research? How is Treatment Changing and What’s Coming Next?
Brad Rovin, MD
Professor of Medicine & Pathology
The Lee A. Hebert Professor of Nephrology
Director, Division of Nephrology
Medical Director, The Wexner Medical Center Clinical Trials Management Organization
The Ohio State University Medical Center

The pre-recorded webcast will debut live on Thursday, March 11 at 6:00 PM, EST here and on our YouTube channel 


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