Advocacy on the Personal Level
Advocacy on the Personal Level

“Advocacy has many forms, including taking action for one’s own health. It’s self-advocacy  — even though many would not think of their actions this way,” explains Diane Gross, National Director of Advocacy and Programs at the Lupus Research Alliance. “When patients hear that their insurance company is not going to pay for a medication and then they get on the phone to complain — what they are doing is self-advocacy.”

This is a point Diane always makes when she speaks to groups who want to become more involved in their own health and issues that affect the larger lupus community. “People soon realize that they are already advocates,” she continued.

Driving the point further, Diane asks: “Wouldn’t it be great if you showed up at the pharmacy and your medications were covered with no problem? Well, you can work toward making that difference.” Diane tells her audiences they can make their voice be heard … that contacting state and federal legislators to tell their story can propel changes in legislation.

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