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LRA Announces Partners on the First Anniversary of the Lupus Landmark Study

April 11, 2024 The Lupus Research Alliance (LRA) and its clinical research affiliate Lupus Therapeutics (LT) are pleased to announce the group of industry partners working together on the implementation of the Lupus Nexus. The Lupus Nexus, one of LRA’s most ambitious and groundbreaking endeavors, is a first-of-its-kind lupus registry, biorepository, and data exchange platform […] Read More

Lupus Research Alliance and its Clinical Research Affiliate Lupus Therapeutics Launch the Lupus Landmark Study to Accelerate Personalized Treatments in Lupus

The Lupus Landmark Study, the largest prospective observational study in lupus, will enroll 3,500 patients throughout North America over five years The Lupus Landmark Study is a key component of the Lupus Nexus, a first-of–its-kind in lupus registry, biorepository and data/knowledge portal NEW YORK, NY. May 23, 2023 – The Lupus Research Alliance and its clinical […] Read More

Angelica Perez Finds a Simple Way to Make a Huge Difference – You Can Too!

December, 2023 Participating in the LRA’s Lupus Landmark Study was a “no-brainer” says Angelica Perez, a 37-year-old woman living with lupus since she was nine. “I had been taking part in clinical trials for years to potentially improve my own care while helping to advance new treatments overall.” A patient of renowned Los Angeles lupus […] Read More

Thank You for Making a Difference During Lupus Awareness Month

June 1, 2023 What a month May was!  As we reflect upon Lupus Awareness month, the community continues to inspire.  We celebrate how ManyOne Can make a difference, and we salute all the accomplishments of those that ARE making a difference every day. Thank you for your dedication and support! Together, the community has: Advanced […] Read More
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