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COVID-19 Took Significant Toll on People with Lupus

July 29, 2021 A new study showed that people with lupus experienced significant physical and emotional effects in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.   Including LRA Scientific Advisory Board member Jane Salmon, MD, researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery and Tufts University in Boston invited 97 patients to complete a questionnaire in the […] Read More

Gene Changes Key to Successful Pregnancy in Lupus

April 29, 2019 Pregnant women with lupus are more likely to suffer complications than those who don’t. Lupus Research Alliance Scientific Advisory Board members Dr. Virginia Pascual, Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine; and Dr. Jane Salmon, Collette Kean Research Professor  at Hospital for Special Surgery, and their colleagues asked if testing the blood, of pregnant […] Read More

Our Funded Scientists Find Potential Target to Treat Kidney Disease

March 21, 2018   Lupus Research Alliance-Funded Scientists Find Potential Target to Treat Kidney Disease Novel research initially funded by the Lupus Research Alliance through a grant to Hospital for Special Surgery scientists significantly advanced understanding of kidney damage in lupus. As reported by Hospital for Special Surgery: A protein that helps regulate the body’s […] Read More
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