COVID-19 Took Significant Toll on People with Lupus
COVID-19 Took Significant Toll on People with Lupus

July 29, 2021

A new study showed that people with lupus experienced significant physical and emotional effects in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Including LRA Scientific Advisory Board member Jane Salmon, MD, researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery and Tufts University in Boston invited 97 patients to complete a questionnaire in the summer of 2020. The survey included accepted patient-reported outcome measures and a combination of a standardized evaluation tool and open-ended questions to explore the impact of the pandemic on their health and healthcare.


Nearly half of people responding to the survey showed increased anxiety and depression. Over 40 percent showed an increase in fatigue and cognitive function as well as experienced pain interfering with their daily lives. However, most did not report an impact on their medications or medical care.


Researchers concluded: “Comprehensive patient-centered care, including monitoring and addressing anxiety and health-related quality of life, is critical to improving health outcomes in this population during the ongoing health crisis.”


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