LRA Shares Excitement For What’s Ahead in Lupus Nephritis
LRA Shares Excitement For What’s Ahead in Lupus Nephritis

January 16, 2020

Up to half of people with lupus will have lupus nephritis – damage to the kidneys that affects the ability to clear the body of wastes and toxins. In 2020, we expect to see significant progress in new drug development for lupus and lupus nephritis in particular with submissions for FDA approval in progress and many opportunities to join studies exploring other potential treatments!

  • Two companies – GSK and Aurinia Pharmaceuticals – expect to go to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval of their drugs to treat lupus nephritis based on positive Phase III trial results with Benlysta® (belimumab) and voclosporin respectively.
  • Two new Phase III trials are starting up to test potential treatments – Gazyva® (obinutuzumab) and secukinumab.
  • Two potential lupus nephritis treatments – Gazyva and itolizumab – are on an accelerated track for development thanks to special designations by the FDA.
  • Plus two Phase III trials and several Phase 2 trials for lupus nephritis are already underway.

Click here for lupus nephritis trials to explore with your physician.

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