The Lupus Research Alliance is on a mission to free the world from lupus. Because lupus is such a complex disease, we believe that science holds the key to achieving our goal.

We focus on inspiring, supporting and extending innovative research along paths that will dramatically improve the lives of people affected by lupus. We are the world’s largest private funder of lupus research, having committed over $200M to date.

The partnerships we sponsor between patients, the scientific and medical communities, and the pharmaceutical industry have produced many breakthroughs, and during this era of unprecedented scientific promise we confidently believe we are on the cusp of awe-inspiring possibilities. And because our Board of Directors covers all of our administrative and operating costs, 100% of all funds raised directly support the quest to prevent, treat and cure lupus, and realize our vision of a future free from the disease.


Our new Lupus Research Alliance website is coming soon. For more information on lupus return to one of our legacy websites here:

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