Unwavering in the Pursuit of Scientific Discovery A Snapshot of 2020’s Triumphs
Unwavering in the Pursuit of Scientific Discovery A Snapshot of 2020’s Triumphs

Despite the uncertainty around COVID-19, the LRA was still able to jumpstart intriguing scientific investigations that hold the promise of making breakthroughs in treatment

The LRA invested almost $11.5 million in research last year to continue to fund breakthrough projects in lupus. Here’s how:

  • Seven world-renowned scientist received $2.1 million in grants through our Lupus Innovation Award grant program, which supports advances in novel hypotheses and/or technologies.
  • Our Lupus Mechanisms and Target Awards granted $3 million for five pioneering research projects aimed at characterizing lupus disease progression and identifying targets for treatment.
  • The LRA-BMS Accelerator Awards alloated $3 million to 10 cutting-edge initiatives. These grants – in cooperation with partner Bristol Myers Squibb – focus on the underlying mechanism of the disease by addressing lupus heterogeneity and identifying novel biomarkers.
  • The Distinguished Innovator Awards provided $2 million to two exceptional scientists who aim to shift the lupus paradigm with bold explorations.
  • Jane Salomon, MD was the recipient of our Lupus Insight Prize of $100,000, in recognition of her dedication to improving the health of pregnant women with lupus. “I am thrilled to accept this LRA prize, which will allow me to help people with lupus to have healthy families,” enthused Dr. Salmon
  • Six top scientists received $1.2 million through our Common Mechanisms in Immune-Mediated Diseases Award , a collaboration with JDRF International and National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
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