Meeting the Task Head-On: Addressing COVID-19
Meeting the Task Head-On: Addressing COVID-19

The Lupus Research Alliance would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the tremendous toll that COVID-19 has had on people across our country-especially people with underlying health concerns…like many in the lupus community.

Today, there is much hope on the horizon and much that we can learn-and even gain-from this pandemic. For all the harm COVID-19 has caused, it certainly brought lupus to the forefront of America’s collective consciousness.

Just a few months ago, lupus remained a relatively unknown disorder outside the community living with the disease and those dedicated to treating it. Today, COVID-19 has raised greater interest in the need to understand a hyper-responsive immune system-the very quest the Lupus Research Alliance has been engaged in for more than two decades.

Our expertise is invaluable. The LRA focuses on understanding why the immune system malfunctions…why the over-zealous immune response attacks healthy tissue.

So, at this moment in time where lupus and COVID-19 intersect, let’s take a moment to celebrate the power of science!

We deeply appreciate the support… and your unwavering commitment to making lupus a disease of the past.

You enable to LRA to provide funding to the world’s most brilliant scientist, moving their innovative ideas forward.

Thank you.

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