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Lupus Stories

All the individuals who make up our community – the patients, their friends & family, research scientists, physicians, advocates, and Alliance staffers – are dedicated to improving the lives of people with lupus. Their personal stories provide a rich testament to the commitment, challenges, insights and accomplishments that give us hope, strengthen our community and motivate us to continue our important work.


Elizabeth, a parent of a child with lupus, shares her story.

Dr. Gregg Silverman

Listen to lupus research scientist Gregg Silvermann.

Meghann Vaughn

Meet Meghann Vaughn and learn more about her role at the Lupus Research Alliance.

Dr. Maria Kontaridis

Lupus researcher, Dr. Maria I. Kontaridis, discusses her research findings in a presentation at the 2016 Lupus Research Alliance Advancing Lupus Care Through Research and Advocacy conference.

Erica Buchanan

Erica discusses her lupus diagnosis and juggling her busy life.

Diomaris Gonzalez

Meet Diomaris Gonzalez, the Lupus Research Alliance’s Director of Research Administration.

Shauntay Davis

Shauntay reflects on living with lupus for 20 years.

Vanessa Branch

Vanessa shares how her symptoms from lupus have affected her life.

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