Recognizing Star Lupus Fundraiser Xavier Goss
Recognizing Star Lupus Fundraiser Xavier Goss

April 28, 2021

Xavier Goss is one of the most effective fundraisers for the Lupus Research Alliance ManyOne Can.Walk with Us to Cure Lupus program.  Why? Because he’s friendly!  Being ready to talk to everyone, caring, and eager to help others is his secret to success.

Xavier first became involved with the LRA since 2005 when he graduated college. His mom was struggling with lupus and would eventually pass away five years later. Having raised well over $150,000 over 15 years, Xavier continues to be driven by his desire to honor his mom by doing something that was important to her and would benefit society.

He advises fundraisers to focus on networking. “Keep talking about lupus with your family, friends, social media network, the people you went to school with, co-workers.  Try your employer — many companies are willing to support disease awareness.”

Xavier also emphasized that lupus is so much a part of who he is that anyone who knows him will learn about the disease. “You don’t know how your words will impact the other person.”

To get involved with the ManyOne Can Walk with Us to Cure Lupus, click here. You might become a top fundraiser of the future!


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