Grant Updates
Grant Updates

The Lupus Research Alliance supports the full range of research from fundamental through translational and clinical studies.

Most recently, the organization awarded six Novel Research Grants and seven Target Identification in Lupus (TIL) grants.


The Lupus Research Alliance supports game-changing lupus research, and our Novel Research Grant program is exploring lupus from many perspectives.

The following awardees of this grant mechanism are testing new theories about what causes lupus and why it has such a varied and widespread effect in the body.

Erika Boesen, PhD
Ferroptosis as a Novel Driver of Inflammation in Lupus Nephritis
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Theresa Lu, PhD
Lymphatic Regulation and Photosensitivity
Hospital for Special Surgery

Kevin Nickerson, PhD
Age-Associated B cells in Autoimmune Lupus
University of Pittsburgh

Joshua Ooi, PhD
Genetically Engineering Regulatory T cells to Treat SLE
Monash University

Jeremy Tilstra, MD, PhD
Examining the Role of T cell Exhaustion in Lupus Pathogenesis
University of Pittsburgh

Michael Waterfield, MD, PhD
Epigenetic Regulation of Il2 by ATF7ip — Implications for SLE
University of California, San Francisco


Ingenuity, skill, and determination are the hallmarks of our Target Identification in Lupus (TIL) program grantees.

The Lupus Research Alliance applauds each diverse quest to bring new understanding of lupus and ways to treat, prevent, and cure it.

Joseph Craft, MD
Targeting Follicular Helper T Cells in Lupus
Yale University

Keith Elkon, PhD
The Cyclic GAMO Pathway in SLE
University of Washington

David Levy, PhD
Targeting Interferon-Stimulated Transcription as a Novel Lupus Therapy
New York University School of Medicine

Eric Meffre, PhD
PTPN22 Function in Human B Cells and Inhibition to Reset Tolerance in SLE
Yale University

Deepak Rao, MD, PhD
Targeting Peripheral T Cell — B Cell Interactions in SLE
The Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Inc.

Jillian Richmond, PhD
Targeting the CXCR3 Chemokine Axis in Cutaneous Lupus
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Nan Yan, PhD
Mammalian Free Glycan, Glycocalyx and Anti-glycan Antibody in Lupus
UT Southwestern Medical Center

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