New TIL Grantees Offer Novel Approaches
New TIL Grantees Offer Novel Approaches

Sept. 7, 2017.  Grantees of our Target Identification in Lupus (TIL) program are remarkable scientific investigators whose ingenuity and determination are bringing new insights to lupus research.

The Lupus Research Alliance congratulates each of these brilliant researchers in their quest to expand our understanding of lupus and ways to defeat it:

Kerstin Nundel, PhD
University of Massachusetts, MA
TLR9 Regulates Axl Dependent Migration of Autoreactive B cells

Laurence Morel, PhD
University of Florida, FL
Targeting Follicular Helper CD4 T Cells in SLE

Mark J. Mamula, PhD
Yale University, CT
Therapeutic Inhibitors of Antigen Presentation Pathways in SLE

Ming-Lin Liu, PhD
University of Pennsylvania, PA
A Novel Target for Neutrophil NETosis in Lupus Skin Inflammation

Roger Greenberg, MD, PhD
University of Pennsylvania, PA
BRISC DUB Activity as a Novel Target for Lupus

Rong Fan, PhD
Yale University, CT
Dissecting the Effector Function of Pathogenic Tfh Cells in Human Lupus

Anne Davidson, MD
The Feinstein Institute, NY
The Role of TLR8 in Lupus Nephritis

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