LRA’s Visionary Strategy to Turn Lupus Complexity to its Cure
LRA’s Visionary Strategy to Turn Lupus Complexity to its Cure

July 15, 2021

Dear Friends,

With much excitement, we introduce our new overarching approach to fulfilling LRA’s mission: Turning Complexity to Cure. Our goal is to involve the lupus community and beyond in our strategy to turn the core problem of lupus – its heterogeneity – how much it differs from person to person – into its solution through personalized treatments. It is far more meaningful than a catchy phrase. In just a few syllables, Turning Complexity to Cure articulates precisely what is needed to unravel lupus and transform its treatment.

We invite you to visit our newly enhanced website – an expression in words and images of our bold strategic vision for lupus research over the next decade.  The website and all our communications channels will be sharing our progress in realizing that vision and detail ways every person can help achieve success.

The strategy behind this plan is built on years of funded research and developed in collaboration with the world’s top experts, who we convened from rheumatology, immunology, and other related fields.  Its implementation is well underway:  new programs are being envisioned, developed, and put into action to deliver a personalized medicine approach to lupus.

Despite COVID-19, this has been an uplifting year for lupus research, with two therapies approved for lupus nephritis and many breakthroughs on the horizon. This month, the Lupus Research Alliance is celebrating the fifth anniversary of our merged organization and the many goals that have been met in that short time. While shaping the future of lupus research, we now fund a broad spectrum of scientific studies, from lab discoveries to testing potential new drugs in clinical trials.

For example, we introduced a major multi-million-dollar grant program that allows multidisciplinary teams worldwide to collaborate in unraveling lupus heterogeneity.  We also tackle other complex challenges to treatment, such as addressing diversity issues in clinical trials and building the first registry/biorepository of its kind in lupus to stratify the disease. And, our new Research Committee of the Board and Scientific Advisory Board bring the leadership of internationally recognized scientists to oversee our entire research program.

The Lupus Research Alliance is ready to conquer lupus forever. However, while our partnership with scientists is crucial to forging this exciting frontier, people with lupus and our larger community are invaluable contributors in every possible sense of the word. We are counting on you to get involved, so we ask that you visit our website and our social media channels to help promote participation. Together, we can, and we will turn lupus Complexity to Cure!

Best regards,

Kenneth M. Farber                                   Andrea O’Neill
President & CEO                                      Executive Director

Together, ManyOne Can make a difference!