LRA’s Marathon Team Life Without Lupus Running Lupus into the Ground!
LRA’s Marathon Team Life Without Lupus Running Lupus into the Ground!

November 4, 2021

Best of luck and incredible thanks go to our Team Life Without Lupus, who are running the TCS New York City Marathon this Sunday to raise thousands for lupus research.  Disappointed that the 50th anniversary marathon was cancelled in 2020, our runners are even more determined to make this 50th run the most successful ever for Team Life Without Lupus.

When you get to know this special group of runners, you’ll understand why they deserve your backing.

Runners extraordinaire are those who are able to take to NYC’s streets for the lupus community despite suffering themselves with the severe joint and muscle pain and fatigue that characterizes the disease. Amy Cargain has lupus and has run with Team Life Without Lupus several times – welcome back champion!  Another runner, Lauren Bruha has lived with lupus since she was 15. While Melinda LoConte has another autoimmune disease – rheumatoid arthritis – in addition to her lupus. Adela Garzon Bejarano lost her sister in July to lupus and her nephew was just diagnosed two years ago. Though she is injured she plans to walk the 26.2 mile route in their honor.  Matthew Walker, Sean Kilcullen, Drew Allen and Conner Squellati are running to raise awareness of lupus in honor of those living or have died from the illness – moms, sisters, aunts.

We salute each of you for your determination, discipline, and dedication to lupus research! Let’s cheer this incredible team on in spirit by donating to their cause. They’ve already raised $23,000 but hope their steps take them over the finish line to raise $30,000.  With your help, Amy, Lauren, Melinda, and the millions more worldwide can one day enjoy Life Without Lupus!

And for those who wish they were running with our Team, stay tuned to register when spots open for the March 2022 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon.

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