Community Lifts Up Lupus Warrior Tye Weitman
Community Lifts Up Lupus Warrior Tye Weitman

May 5, 2021

The story of Krysha Thayer and her fiancé Tye Weitman is one that clearly Lifts Up Lupus – the theme the Lupus Research Alliance (LRA) is focusing on during Lupus Awareness Month.

We met the couple because Krysha is a Senior Stylist for Color Street, a company that supports the LRA.  Tye battles neuropsychiatric lupus, meaning that the main target of his lupus is a small area of the brain which makes him more susceptible to seizures, strokes, anxiety and mood changes.

“In a blink of an eye I can go from calm to extreme anger. I call it having a bully in my brain!  But I don’t realize that it’s happening.” These sudden mood swings almost broke the couple up until the problem was diagnosed as neuropsychiatric lupus.  “Once we found out there was a physical reason, we started talking things through,” explained Tye.

According to Krysha, “it still is a challenge, but we can understand each other now.”

A flip side of those effects is determination to overcome whatever lupus throws his way. “I thrive on being me, being stubborn. After a recent surgery, I’m already walking around, months before doctors said it would take to heal.”

Tye was first diagnosed with lupus in 1998. He had worked his way up to master car mechanic, having started doing oil changes at 12 years old and rebuilding engines by age 14.  But one day he was in such severe pain from lupus that he just couldn’t move. He is now considered disabled and can no longer work full-time.

Both Tye and Krysha find that support from their community is the best medicine.  Family, friends, online lupus support groups and most surprisingly a nearby convenience store all reinforce that they are not in this alone.

Even Tye’s many interests give him a sense of belonging and productivity.  “I build cars, fly radio-controlled airplanes, play online video games. I am still going to do what I want to do.” And the people he meets through these activities are a major source of comfort.

Tye emphasized that building a strong support system can be tremendously valuable, helping to Lift Up Lupus both emotionally and physically. Both he and Krysha are looking forward to meeting up with the lupus community May 22 during the ManyOne Can. Walk with Us to Cure Lupus. Join this special couple and thousands other Lupus Research Alliance supporters from around the world – register here.

Together, ManyOne Can make a difference!
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