Celebrate Clinical Trials Day May 20!
Celebrate Clinical Trials Day May 20!

May 20, 2019

It’s Clinical Trials Day when the Lupus Research Alliance recognizes all the people we support who advance clinical research – scientists who identify and develop potential ways to diagnose, monitor and treat lupusresearchers who design and conduct the studies to test these methods, and the volunteers who take part in the studies.  Without these groups, no new ways to treat or diagnose lupus would be possible.

The organization seeks to fund research that will discover better diagnostics, improve treatment and advance translational and clinical research that will  lead to a cure for lupus.

Our three types of grants, Distinguished Innovator Award, Target Identification in Lupus and Novel Research Grant, allow researchers to test their most innovative hypothesis by applying cutting-edge methods to further investigation in lupus and autoimmune disease.

Our affiliate Lupus Therapeutics was formed to advance lupus clinical research by finding and testing promising new diagnostic and treatment opportunities. Lupus Therapeutics created and oversees a clinical trials network made up of many of the top medical research centers and experienced lupus physician-scientists throughout North America. Nine trials are underway through our Lupus Clinical Investigators Network (LuCIN).  Click here to learn more about these trials conducted through LuCIN.

In addition to supporting the entire research continuum, we also work to raise awareness of clinical research and to prevent racial disparities so all patients have the chance to take part in a clinical study.  Visit LupusTrials.org to learn more about what joining a research study is like and to search specifically for studies near your home that you might think about. Your physician can help explore if a clinical trial may be right for you.

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