Consider Donating Your Brain to Lupus Research
Consider Donating Your Brain to Lupus Research

During 2023 Brain Awareness Week, it’s important to bring attention to how lupus affects this vital organ. 

We know that lupus can cause symptoms that include depression, brain fog, and headaches, as well as cognitive issues with memory and ability to think clearly.  Yet our understanding of how and why lupus impacts the brain is limited. 

To address these critical questions, the Lupus Research Alliance and the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center are working together to improve our understanding of how lupus affects the brain. Pledging for your brain to be donated upon your passing could leave a legacy of breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment. Whether you have lupus or don’t, participation in this program is important.   

Please click here to learn more about how together, we can change the course of lupus for future generations. 

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