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About Lupus Therapeutics

At Lupus Therapeutics, we’re on a mission to accelerate drug discovery and diagnostic innovation for all patients living with lupus.

We collaborate with industry, matching our unprecedented clinical trial network of 57 sites with the most important lupus trials led by the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

We catalyze bold risk-taking, incentivizing investigator-initiated trials that will bring real therapies to real patients.

We lead an interdisciplinary dialogue, placing patient voice at the center of strategic planning with the most creative clinicians and scientists in the world.

Together, we will eradicate the debilitating effects of lupus, helping patients live longer, and live better.

As part of our commitment to advance lupus research and find effective and safer treatments for people living with lupus, the Lupus Research Alliance established Lupus Therapeutics, which functions as the administrative and fiscal entity of LuCIN and manages the Alliance’s clinical trial programs.


  • Establish a novel clinical trials network composed of some of the world’s leading academic research centers.
  • Mobilize the lupus scientific community to identify, evaluate and conduct trials on the most promising new treatments by leveraging lupus KOL engagement through Lupus Therapeutics Consultative services.
  • Engage the patient community to support new treatment development through the coordination of Patient Advisory Boards and through the Patient Advocates for Lupus Studies (PALS) program.
  • Forge strategic partnerships with the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry.

About LuCIN

The Lupus Clinical Investigators Network (LuCIN) is comprised of more than 200 clinician-scientists at 57 academic medical centers and more than 20,000 active lupus patients. Supported by the Lupus Research Alliance and Lupus Therapeutics, LuCIN scientists work collaboratively to identify potentially transformative treatments and conduct related clinical trials.

The Goals of LuCIN

  • Improve patient access to promising new therapies and diagnostics from different biotechnology companies and industry partners.
  • Maintain a coordinated group of lupus investigators to evaluate the safety and reliability of lupus treatments and to centralize expertise in lupus study design.
  • Improve existing outcomes measures, develop novel biomarkers, and archive clinical data and biospecimens to expand the scope of scientific inquiry.
  • Help train and mentor new clinical research investigators.
Learn more about ongoing clinical trials being conducted within LuCIN