Watch Webcast Video: Redefining Lupus Trials Amid COVID-19 and Beyond
Watch Webcast Video: Redefining Lupus Trials Amid COVID-19 and Beyond

Videotape of 8.24.20 Learn from Lupus Zoom Webcast

Ensuring the clinical trial process is accommodating for participants has always been the goal. However, COVID-19 has forced industry, research organizations, doctors, and patients to think twice about the process and its impact on high-risk populations including people with lupus who are immunocompromised.

In light of COVID-19, important considerations regarding the conduct of patient care and clinical trials have emerged including:

1. What are the perceptions and attitudes of people with lupus regarding clinical trial participation in the COVID-19 norm?

2. What are the key barriers to taking part in clinical trials?

3. What innovative steps are being used by industry to get trials re-ignited and more patient-friendly?

4. What role can people with lupus play in redefining clinical trials of the future?

Lupus Therapeutics, the clinical trial innovation division of the Lupus Research Alliance (LRA), held an excellent and very well-received webcast which you can view on videotape. The program featured a diverse, expert panel about clinical trial innovation and why COVID-19 may be the spark needed to empower patients and drive clinical trial innovation. Click Here to View


Albert T. Roy – Executive Director, Lupus Therapeutics, LLC


· Shanelle Gabriel – Advocate for Lupus Awareness, Singer, HBO Def Poet, Lyricist

· Molly McCabe – Co-Founder of the former Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus and Member, LRA Board of Directors

· David R. Karp, MD, PhD – Chief, Division of Rheumatic Diseases, UT Southwestern Medical Center, President-Elect, American College of Rheumatology

· Craig Lipset – Advisor and Founder, Clinical Innovation Partners

· Ajay Nirula, MD, PhD – Vice President, Immunology, Lilly Biotechnology & Research Laboratories

· Shalabh Singhal, MD – Development Program Lead, Immunology & Fibrosis, Bristol Myers Squibb

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