A Message from LRA’s Kenneth Farber and Andrea O’Neill
A Message from LRA’s Kenneth Farber and Andrea O’Neill

May 1, 2022

Dear Margy,

The lupus community has always been strong, supportive, and ready for any and every challenge.

It’s that spirit and unwavering support that drives us to pursue more treatments and aim for a cure. Thanks to you, we have been able to fund some of the biggest breakthroughs in lupus, including the science behind today’s treatments and those in the pipeline.

We’re ready for the next challenge. There’s so much more to be done. You are unique. Your treatment is unique. Your cure must be unique. That is the next frontier, and it’s going to require that the entire lupus community band together, become more vocal, and become more involved in research.

We know our community is up for this challenge.

This Lupus Awareness Month, we are excited to introduce ManyOne Can, our collaborative movement to give each individual opportunities to get involved and contribute to the cause we are united behind.

You can fund research as well as to make sure research considers the diversity of our community. You can rally Congress to take more action. You can educate the public and the lupus community – diagnosed and undiagnosed – about what living with this disease really means day to day. And you can participate in the lupus research process.

You are warriors, and together, we’re unstoppable. No one individual or organization can do it alone, but ManyOne Can. You can each make a difference, and together we can make ALL the difference for a future free from lupus!

Watch this video from our staff to get into the spirit of this dynamic campaign!

Throughout the month, please also feel free to share, comment, and engage with Lupus Research Alliance content directly on Twitter – @LupusResearch, Facebook – @LupusResearchAlliance, and Instagram – @LupusResearchAlliance.

Warmest Wishes,

Kenneth M. Farber Andrea J. O'Neill
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Kenneth M. FarberPresident & CEOLupus Research Alliance Andrea J. O’NeillExecutive DirectorLupus Research Alliance
Together, ManyOne Can make a difference!
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