Lupus News Corner
Lupus News Corner


Thanks to our remarkable supporters, the Lupus Research Alliance awarded nearly $7.5 million through the following grant mechanisms in 2019:

2019 Novel Research Grants ($1,798,602)

Carla Cuda, PhD
The Role of Microglial Subsets in Driving Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of SLE Northwestern University – Chicago Campus

Anne Davidson, MBBS
Circadian Dysregulation of Immune Function in SLE
Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Neelakshi Jog, PhD
Contribution of Dysregulated Granulopoiesis to SLE Pathogenesis Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Michelle J. Kahlenberg, MD, PhD
Shining a Light on the Drivers of Photosensitivity in Systemic Lupus
University of Michigan

Benjamin Kile, PhD
Establishing the Role of Apoptosis and MtDNA in the Pathobiology of Lupus
Monash University

Yee Ling Wu, PhD
New Mechanisms for Thrombosis and Atherosclerosis in SLE and APS
Loyola University Chicago


2019 Distinguished Innovator Awards ($2,000,000)

Fabienne Mackay, PhD
Novel Therapeutic Approaches for SLE
The University of Melbourne

Jeffrey Rathmell, PhD
Metabolic Networks and Unbiased Genetic Screens to Identify Targets for SLE
Vanderbilt University Medical Center


2019 Target Investigation in Lupus Grants ($3,598,919) 

Montserrat Anguera, PhD
Targeting the Inactive X for Correcting Dosage Imbalances in Lupus
University of Pennsylvania

Paolo Casali, MD
Intrinsic B Cell Epigenetic Mediators as Therapeutic Targets in Lupus
University of Texas at San Antonio

Hongbo Chi, PhD
Targeting Follicular Helper T Cell Metabolism in Lupus
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Inc.

Hui-Chen Hsu, PhD
Cytokine Immunoregulatory Strategy to Target SLE Autoreactive B Cells
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Vicki Kelley, PhD
Ptprz: A Therapeutic Target for Lupus Nephritis
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Inc.

Jason Knight, MD, PhD
Relieving ER stress in Lupus Neutrophils
University of Michigan

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