Kudos to GSK’s Daemion Johnson
Kudos to GSK’s Daemion Johnson

August 8, 2019

All of us here at LRA congratulate Daemion T. Johnson – GSK’s Director, Patient Engagement.  He was named one of the PharmaVOICE 100 by the magazine PharmaVOICE.com.  This list recognizes 100 men and women in the life-sciences industry who “provide inspiration to their peers, colleagues, and companies through their innovative and motivational approaches to addressing the industry’s myriad challenges.”

We are proud to have the chance to work with Daemion on behalf of the lupus community.  As the article in PharmaVOICE notes, the LRA took part in a novel and funeducation series that Daemion came up with — the Night of Beauty events. Hearing people with lupus, he saw a need to help women overcome a lack of self-esteem and confidence that often comes with symptoms of lupus. And Daemion is only just getting started. Next on his ambitious agenda is a Night of Nutrition to help people with lupus understand how their diet can promote better health.

Congratulations Daemion!

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