Join us on our mission
Join us on our mission

My colleagues and I firmly believe in the mission of the Lupus Research Alliance, an organization formed in 2016 from the merger of three major lupus organizations. We launched this web site to provide relevant information and news, generate a meaningful dialogue with the lupus community, and encourage financial and volunteer support – all designed to spur productive action.

As the largest private funder of lupus research, we’re determined to help turn new scientific discoveries into useful treatments and advance our understanding of genetics and immunology that may lead to a cure.

We can achieve these goal by working closely with patients, the scientific and medical communities, government and the biopharmaceutical industry, and by continuing to select and fund the most promising research projects conducted by respected medical scientists around the world.

This model of collaboration – including the critical support of donors, volunteers and staff – has helped to accelerate recent discoveries that have improved and expanded lupus treatment. And at a time of unparalleled scientific and technological advancements, we’re excited about the potential of even greater progress in the years ahead.

More determined than ever to help transform the lives of the patients and families affected by lupus, we invite you to explore this web site. Here you can find out more about this complex disease, the pivotal role of the Lupus Research Alliance, and how you can help. We welcome you to join us on our vital mission.

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