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Mark Walter, PhD


University of Alabama at Birmingham



Single cell detection of IFN signaling in lupus patients

The goal of this application is to measure IFNs (IFNalpha, ß, epsilon, kappa, omega and IFN gamma) binding/signaling at the single cell level in peripheral blood of SLE patients.  This will be accomplished using antibodies (Abs) that recognize IFN-receptor Signaling Complexes (IFNSCAbs), but not IFN-receptors or the IFNs alone.  We hypothesize IFNSCAbs, combined with multi-parameter flow cytometry, will provide a direct measure of IFN binding and IFN signaling on blood cell subsets. By measuring IFN signaling in this manner, we hope to improve the correlation between IFN activity/crosstalk and clinical disease parameters. These studies could allow the use of IFN as a biomarker to assess SLE disease activity, which would have broad impact on patient monitoring and assist in characterizing novel SLE therapies. 


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