Being Smart About Research
Being Smart About Research

When it comes to solving the mysteries of lupus, we must explore all potential avenues of discovery—including the brain.

This is why the LRA is funding important research and a clinical trial to address neuropsychiatric lupus—the wide range of symptoms involving the brain that can vary from “brain fog” to stroke to psychosis.

We’re also working with the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center on an initiative that will help recover donated brains from deceased individuals with lupus.

The decision to register to donate an organ for research is not an easy one—but making such a commitment is a priceless gift and legacy that will most definitely advance lupus research and lead to the way in finding new treatments for others for generations to come.

If propelling lupus research in this way is something you would consider, please go to for a full brochure on this important subject.

Or, you can call the LRA at 646-884-6084 and leave us a message and we will get back to you.

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