2017 Novel Research Grants – Meet the Awardees
2017 Novel Research Grants – Meet the Awardees

July 28, 2017. The Lupus Research Alliance is delighted to announce the recipients of our 2017 Novel Research Grants.

These ten grantees continue a commitment to bold and innovative research that aims to discover safe, effective treatments and a cure for lupus.

Mridu Acharya, PhD
Benaroya Research Institute
at Virginia Mason
Dr. Acharya is investigating the inactivity of B cell-blocking proteins in lupus.

Shaun Jackson, MD, PhD
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Dr. Jackson is taking a deeper look at molecules that may promote immune system attacks.

Christian Lood, PhD
University of Washington
Dr. Lood is investigating possible links between improper disposal of cell mitochondria and excess lupus inflammation.

Zhiqiang Zhang, PhD
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute
Dr. Zhang is studying connections between APEX1 and overstimulation of defensive immune cells.

Guo-Ping Shi, DSc
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Dr. Shi is developing a new treatment approach to maintain proper immune system control functions of T cells.

Natalia Giltiay, PhD
University of Washington
Dr. Giltiay is exploring how to reteach the immune system to stop its overreaction to normal body cells.

Anthony Rongvaux, PhD
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Dr. Rongvaux is pursuing a possible lupus treatment that focuses on proteins that block the causes of lupus.

Vipin Kumar, PhD
University of California, San Diego
Dr. Kumar is examining a tropical parasite drug as a possible medication for lupus-related kidney damage.

John Zhang, DVM, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina
Dr. Zhang seeks to use topotecan chemotherapy to treat lupus.

Andrea Knight, MD
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Dr. Knight is looking into more effective diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders in pediatric lupus patients.

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