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Neelakshi Jog, PhD

Research Assistant Member
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Contribution of Dysregulated Granulopoiesis to SLE Pathogenesis

An infection is an emergency for the body, and the immune system can generate more neutrophils to fight invading bacteria. But this emergency response may also occur in lupus, producing large numbers of immature neutrophils that may be harmful. Our research will examine whether the emergency mechanism for making neutrophils is activated in lupus. We will also test whether immature neutrophils promote inflammation and thus could worsen flares. Identifying how the immune system controls production of the immature cells could provide clues about how to reduce their numbers in lupus.

What this study means for people with lupus

“We hypothesize that an immature form of  immune cells known as neutrophils make lupus flares worse. We will investigate how the immune system produces these cells and whether they stimulate inflammation in lupus. The research could uncover new drug targets for blocking these harmful neutrophils.”

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