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You Spoke, Congress Acted -- And We're Doing it Again for FY 2022 !

Last March, we went to Capitol Hill with phone calls, emails and social media posts.  Our virtual advocacy had very real impact with a budget for 2021 that:

  • Allocated our requested $10 Million to Continue Building the Lupus Research Program at the Department of Defense
    given the critical need for more lupus research plus the rising numbers of women treated at military  health facilities.
  • Increased Funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) by $1.25 billion to support the medical research
    needed to fight lupus and other diseases, and to catch up on years of lowered funding to the NIH.
  • Increased Funding for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by $43 million to allow FDA
    to help the pharmaceutical industry innovate and develop new treatments — and hopefully one day a cure — for diseases like lupus.

Why We Needed to Ask Again in 2021

You might wonder why we need to ask again for funding to support lupus research this year and every year. It’s a must for many reasons. Funding is allocated on an annual basis but the need for lupus research continues. Also, as legislators come and go, new members of Congress must hear your stories to understand why additional funding is so critical. Regularly engaging with your senators and representatives helps maintain their support for additional lupus funding each year. Think of yourselves as the squeaky wheel that gets the grease – the voices heard the loudest and listened to the most!

Reach out to members of Congress with our easy-to-use Legislative Action Center tools as we raise our voices for lupus research.

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