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Advocate for Lupus Locally!

The Lupus Research Alliance’s advocacy efforts focus on urging Congress to provide the funds needed to support research into lupus that can lead to better treatments and, ultimately, a cure. You can make your voice heard, too.

Click here for easy-to-use tools to contact your representative and senators in their office at the Capitol. It is also powerful to visit them in their local offices when they leave Washington to go home to work in their districts during congressional recesses. However, visits may not be possible during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can call their local office to check their policy for appointments in person or via Zoom or phone.

No matter the form of communication, as a lupus advocate, your goal for your meeting with legislators locally is to highlight why funding for lupus research is so important. They may not know much about lupus or why better treatments and a cure are needed. But they will care more and fight harder if they understand how lupus really affects people — people like you or your loved one.

Please email us at advocacy@lupusresearch.org with any questions or if you’d like to share your own advocacy activities.

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