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Knowledge Bank

SLEGEN serves as an immense knowledge bank full of an unprecedented amount of data, enabling a more swift and accurate identification of genetic variations that increase one’s risk of developing lupus.  Because of this strength in numbers, SLEGEN has helped to accelerate lupus genetic research, moving us even closer to effective treatments and a cure for this debilitating disease. To date, over 60 different researchers and research groups from around the world have participated in the SLEGEN consortium or used the SLEGEN consortium data and analysis resources to further their studies.  This is, perhaps, one of the most profound aspects of SLEGEN -- bringing together researchers from around the world, generating an unparalleled level of focus and commitment to a disease that has been elusive to scientists for decades. 

“The breadth of SLEGEN gives us unprecedented sample size and statistical power.  We have maximized the lupus community and are at the point of making some real breakthroughs.”  -- Carl Langefeld, PhD, SLEGEN Co-Director, Director of the Center for Public Health Genomics and co-Director of the Biomedical Informatics Program at Wake Forest University

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