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2008 ALR Funded Grants

Pisetsky, David, MD, PhD
The Role of Microparticles in the Pathogenesis of SLE
January 1, 2008
Duke University

Perrino, Fred, PhD
Targeting Dysfunctional Nucleases in Lupus
January 1, 2008
Wake Forest University

Pillai, Shiv, PhD, MBBS
SIAE and Susceptibility to Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis
January 1, 2008
Massachusetts General Hospital

Gatto, Dominique, PhD
Role of EBI2 in the Development of Murine Lupus http://www.lupusresearch.org/research/scientific-publications/guidance-of-b-cells-by-the.html
January 1, 2008
Garvan Institute of Medical Research (Australia)

Hamerman, Jessica, PhD
Regulation of TLR Responses as a Mechanism for ITGAM Association with SLE
January 1, 2008
Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason

Kiriakidou, Marianthi, MD
Profile and Function of B-Cell Specific MicroRNAs in a Murine SLE Model
January 1, 2008
University of Pennsylvania

Rifkin, Ian, MD, PhD
PPAR Gamma and Adiponectin In Lupus Nephritis and Atherosclerosis
January 1, 2008
Boston Medical Center Corporation

Hahn, Bevra, MD
Novel Targets for Identification and Treatment of Atherosclerosis in SLE http://www.lupusresearch.org/research/scientific-publications/dysfunctional-proinflammatory.html
January 1, 2008
University of California, Los Angeles

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