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2007 ALR Funded Grants

Luning Prak, Eline, MD, PhD
Receptor Editing in SLE http://www.lupusresearch.org/research/scientific-publications/rs-rearrangement-frequency-as.html
January 1, 2007
University of Pennsylvania

Peterson, Erik, MD
Prognostic Utility of Gene Expression Signatures in ANA Positive Subjects
January 1, 2007
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Buyon, Jill, MD
Preventitive IVIG Therapy for Congenital Heart Block ( PITCH ) http://www.lupusresearch.org/research/scientific-publications/expression-of-endothelial.html
January 1, 2007
New York University School of Medicine

Mackay, Megan, MD
Molecular Signatures in Lupus: Untangling Infection from Inflammation
January 1, 2007
Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Perl, Andras, MD, PhD
Mitochondrial Hyperpolorization in Lupus T Cells
January 1, 2007
Research Foundation of SUNY

Bucala, Richard, MD, PhD
MIF Inhibition in SLE http://www.lupusresearch.org/research/scientific-publications/il-8-secreted-in-a-macrophage.html
January 1, 2007
Yale University

Clark, Marcus, MD
In Situ Immunoglobulin Repertoire in Human Lupus Nephritis
January 1, 2007
University of Chicago

Weyand, Cornelia, MD
Immune Mechanism of Cardiovascular Disease in SLE
January 1, 2007
Emory University

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