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Functional Genomics and Molecular Pathways (FGMP) in SLE Grant - 2011 Grantees

In 2011, the ALR committed funding to 6 Functional Genomics and Molecular Pathways (FGMP) in SLE grants: 

Below is a list of 2011 Grantees:

John Atkinson, MD
Washington University School of Medicine, MO
Complement mutations in mnd stage renal disease lupus patients

Lindsey Criswell, MD
University of California, San Francisco
Functional genomics and pathway analysis

Yanick Crow, PhD
University of Manchester, UK
Pathways linking tartrate resistant acid phosphatase, interferon and lupus

Derry Roopenian, MD, PhD
The Jackson Laboratory, ME
Novel approach to modeling the functional genomics of human SLE in mice

Anne Satterthwaite, MD
UT Southwestern Medical Center, TX
Functional relationships between susceptibility loci LYN and Ets 1

Katherine Siminovitch, MD
University Health Network, Canada
Defining functional implications of a human SLE Risk allele in mice

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