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ALR Target Identification in Lupus - 2008 Grantees

In 2008, the ALR is committed funding to 13 Target Identification in Lupus (TIL) grants:11 new research grants and 2 renewed grants. Most TIL investigators are receiving research grants of approximately $500,000 over two years. The ALR is also proud to provide ongoing support for researchers in their second year of TIL funding and for additional, extended TIL projects.

Below is a list of 2008 Grantees:

Criswell, Lindsey, MD, MPH
University of California, San Francisco
Genetic Predictors of Thrombosis in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Elkon, Keith, MD
University of Washington
Lysis of Immunostimulatory Nucleoproteins in SLE

Fu, Shu Man, MD, PhD
University of Virginia
Identification of Genes Conferring End-Organ Resistance in Lupus Nephritis

Gaffen, Sarah, PhD
SUNY University at Buffalo
IL-17RC: A Novel Target for Anti-Cytokine Therapy

Harley, John, MD, PhD
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Genes from SLEGEN, the Lupus Genetics Consortium

Kiriakidou, Marianthi, MD
University of Pennsylvania
Profile and Function of B-Cell Specific MicroRNAs in a Murine SLE Model

Mohan, Chandra, PhD
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Kallikreins in Lupus Nephritis

Mountz, John, MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Disruption of Autoreactive Germinal Centers as a Novel Therapy for Lupus

Perrino, Fred, PhD
Wake Forest University
Targeting Dysfunctional Nucleases in Lupus

Pillai, Shiv, PhD, MBBS
Massachusetts General Hospital
SIAE and Susceptibility to Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rifkin, Ian, MD, PhD
Boston Medical Center Corporation
PPAR Gamma and Adiponectin In Lupus Nephritis and Atherosclerosis

Hahn, Bevra, MD
University of California, Los Angeles
Novel Targets for Identification and Treatment of Atherosclerosis in SLE

Marshak-Rothstein, Ann, PhD
Boston University
Activation and Inhibition of TLR Activity in Autoreactive B Cells

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