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Seattlest Volunteer Spotlight: Alliance for Lupus Research

June 23, 2010

Each week Seattlest highlights an individual whose philanthropic efforts are helping to make our fair city a better place. From environmental causes to the health and wellness of Seattleites and animals, we recognize that every contribution helps. We’ll also feature information as to how you can get involved. This week, Seattlest looks at the Alliance for Lupus Research.

Today, we recognize Tanya Panomvana. Volunteering with the Alliance for Lupus Research, her primary duties involve planning and PR for “Seattle Walk with Us.” Panomvana was encouraged to help with this annual event after serving as Seattle’s top fundraiser in 2009. These donations support ALR’s mission to “prevent, treat and cure lupus through medical research.”

Planning the 2010 walk was an excellent way for Panomvana to raise awareness and advocacy for the disease. “Lupus is really common but most people don’t talk about it.” This cause is particularly important to Panomvana as she was diagnosed with Lupus two years ago. This autoimmune disease can affect joints and major organs. Carrying common symptoms that vary from moderate to severe, it is very hard to diagnose and there is no cure. “After researching and reading blogs by other people with Lupus, I feel I’m very lucky.” Panomvana says. She volunteers because she actively seeks to support those also affected by the disease. Reaching out to past participants and recruiting new talent including her sorority, Sigma Kappa, she helped ensure the event was a huge success.


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