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Identification of Genes Conferring End-Organ Resistance in Lupus Nephritis

Fu, Shu Man, MD, PhD

University of Virginia

During the past several years, Dr. Fu’s laboratory has  developed a novel animal mouse model to investigate  susceptibility genes for systemic lupus. His group identified two regions in the mouse genome, one located on chromosome 1 and the other on chromosome 12 that contribute to the risk  of acute and chronic lupus-related kidney disease. His group also generated new strains of mice that are resistant to the development of lupus kidney disease. 

In addition, Dr. Fu and his team have identified unique genes that are either over- or under-expressed in the resistant mouse strain when compared with the parental strain from which the resistant strain was developed. With this grant, Dr. Fu and his team will use these mouse strains to identify candidate genes that confer resistance to the development of lupus kidney disease. 

What does this study mean for people with lupus: Identifying the genes responsible for resistance to lupus kidney disease may provide future opportunities for new therapeutic interventions.

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